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In the 1970 and 80s Gordon and Anna-Maria Mackenzie reinvested company profits into the business and increased the availability of products for the growing business, which was relocated to a 15,000 square foot building on 17th St. Colin Mackenzie, son of Gordon and Anna-Maria, began working full-time in the warehouse following high school graduation in 1981, and then took a position as a salesman. Colin's sister, Michelle, also began working full-time for the business after high school graduation in 1985, first as a driver, then in other positions until her switch to a management/administration position in 1987.

In the mid-1980s, Gordon Mackenzie believed he would be able to better control the flow of distribution if he owned his own auto parts stores. He saw this a more reliable, guaranteed way to assure the flow of volume needed to maintain a warehouse inventory. Accordingly, he first purchased McCulloch Auto Supply, which Colin Mackenzie managed until its closing in 1992. In 1986, Gordon went into a partnership and purchased Pacifica Machine & Parts. In 1987, Gordon took over Menary Auto Supply, and went into a partnership in the Auto Plus Stores in Oakland and San Pablo. In 1989, he purchased the inventory and machine shop of Whitie's Auto Parts in San Bruno and began McCulloch #2. McCulloch #1 on Valencia St. was moved into the 17th Street warehouse.

At that time the distribution chain began to condense. Larger auto parts store began to buy directly from the manufacturer , and warehouses began to sell directly to the automotive repair facility. Shrinking profits from the three-step distribution system caused Mackenzie Warehouse to change its business philosophy in 1988. Gordon and Michelle Mackenzie began closing the company's auto parts store locations; this was completed in 1993. In 1989, Gordon began handing over the management of the business to Michelle.

Gordon and Michelle consolidated the inventory and personnel at Mackenzie Warehouse on 17th Street and began selling directly to auto repair facilities. In essence, the business was starting over again as it had to establish an entirely new customer base. Changes in business were painful, but positive results began to show by 1990. Gordon wanted a less active role, and when Eduardo Menendez joined Mackenzie Warehouse in 1990, the present-day management team was started. <continue>